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SINGLE FAMILY RESIDENTIAL -  Regional and national lenders, attorneys, accountants and homeowners trust Snyder Appraisal to provide fast, accurate valuations for single family homes and condominiums.  After conducting a thorough inspection of the property, we apply widely accepted appraisal approaches and use reliable data sources to arrive at a value estimate you can depend on.  Reports can be prepared in any format required and appraisals can be made as of any date.



RESIDENTIAL INCOME -  Whether you are seeking an appraisal for a duplex, fourplex or large multi-unit apartment building, let us help.  In addition to comparison with sales of similar projects from the marketplace, the valuation process for these types of properties includes analyses of income generated by the units, as well as expenses for the complex.  Our extensive, regularly updated database for rental properties in Western Washington State is unequaled. 



COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL -  With few exceptions, these types of appraisals are weighted heavily toward the capitalized value of the potential net income likely to be generated by the property.  Projections of market rents, vacancy and expense ratios, capitalization rates and other factors must be precisely determined and well supported to arrive at valid conclusions.  All commercial and industrial valuations we conduct are developed and prepared in this manner.



SPECIAL PURPOSE PROPERTIES -   Unlike typical commercial or residential properties, facilities such as churches, schools, hospitals or  working farms are usually designed for a   specific, limited use.  Many times, the best method of appraising these properties is to estimate the values of the land and improvements separately.  Snyder Appraisal specializes in these types of valuations and can provide an appraisal for any type of special purpose property, in any format.



VACANT LAND -  Although the appraisal of vacant land involves no estimate of structure value, it is often the most complex type of assignment.  The land's Highest and Best Use, based on zoning criteria, property characteristics    and market conditions, must be properly developed for the appraisal to be meaningful. We are experts in all types of land valuation, including single family homesites, commercial tracts, agricultural acreage and residential subdivisions.


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